Boating Weather

Spring is getting close and the weather is getting better.  The Honda Classic was great, the sun is strong and the boat is running great!  Sorry for the slow posting but having fun boating around the ICW.




Admiral Phyllis



Greek Statues


The ICW from Palm Beach to Jupiter is very pretty with lots of beautiful houses and cool scenes.  We really enjoy the run north and one day, when we get our act more together, we’ll go further north and start exploring up to Stuart.

One thing we like to do is run up the ICW and back in the ocean, or vise versa.  Of course this is weather and wave dependent but we like doing it when we can.  The views are awesome.

Still a little chill in the air, but the weather is getting great.

Two weekends ago, we had a wonderful visit by Susan and Jeff and got to take another boat ride.  Not quite as clear a day but still great.


Phyllis & Susan


Jeff & Susan


Also had good meals!


Best Stone Crabs Ever


Jeff and the Ladies

This weekend, we did it again, out with friends and enjoying the scenes on the ICW.  Joining us on the boat are Jeff and Sandy and Bob and Michelle.  A good time was had by all!


Captain Jeff going in the slow Zone



Phyll having fun






Admiral Sandy at the Helm


Bow Babe


Bob, Jeff, Michelle & Sandy

That’s it for February, the month is gone.  Weather is getting better this week with the 80’s returning!  Can’t wait for next weekend.

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Guitar Hero

I must say, it looks a lot better on her…



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Winter Boating on the ICW

El Nino is not a good thing for Florida – the weather has been down right awful.  If it’s not raining it’s cold, if it’s not cold it’s raining.  Then there is the wind and the northerlies.  We’ve actually had a couple of days where we didn’t get out of the 60’s!  Still a few nice days but nothing like last year when we could be in the pool almost everyday.

Regardless of the weather, we’ve had visitors and we’re taking them on the boat!  It might be painful to go boating when it is only 70 degrees outside, but we’re a hardy group and definitely going to get on the water.

As I said in the last post, Ben and Ashley came down to visit for a long weekend.  They were leaving snowy Washington DC where they had 2 feet of snow so a little cool weather here was no issue.  Luckily, Saturday was a beautiful day so we hit the boat for a little Jupiter cruise.


Ben Admiring the View


Jeff & Sandy’s Place in Tequesta


Lunch on Board with Ben and Ashley

It was a fun day, we headed out into the ocean and up to coast to Jupiter.  We were a little late getting to the boat because of work so we ate on board which was really nice.  The inlet was easy and the day was cool but not cold, it was actual pleasant if you stayed out of the wind.   I think everyone had a great time.


Captain and Admiral



Jupiter Light

As often as we get to Jupiter, I still think it’s neat.  That lighthouse is something and it’s great being able to go north of Jupiter.  We’re going to have to leave early one morning and do some real exploring.

Ben left us on Sunday and was quickly replaced by Karen and Pat.  Once again we decided it was time for a boat ride.  So off we went, we even had Scott and Lesley come with us.  On this trip we left early enough to have lunch in Jupiter at Cafe D’Artist.


The Girls


Captain Scott

It was an interesting day on the water.  When we left the dock it was a pretty nice day that even had warm temperatures.  Unfortunately, it got cooler after lunch.  No harm though, we just closed the door and stayed in the warmth of the cockpit.  At least the run north was fun and everyone enjoyed the ride.  We even let Scott drive us for most of the way home!






Lesley Testing the Bench Seat


No Wake Zone Chatter

It was good having lots of people on board, it was our first time with six for a quiet cruise.  The boat did great and there are lots of places to sit.  Very comfortable.


I Feel the Need for Speed


Scott & Karen




Pat Adjusting to FLA Weather

Overall it was a great day, albeit a bit cloudy and cool.  It was fun and we had a great run.  On the way home we had to slow down as the navy was out with one of their drone submarines.  Really weird seeing these things in West Palm Beach, love to know how they are used and where they are deployed.


Navy Escort


The Sub


Submarine Drone Under Tow

That’s the latest from cold FLA.  No swimming today, just have to use the hot tub!

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Travel Across the Pond

Last weekend I left town on Saturday to go to London for work.  Not fun traveling all weekend but one must do what one must to pay for the toys that are now mandatory in life.  Even though the weekend makes for a tough trip, I must say it was a lot of fun!

What made it so fun?

Although I worked from morning to late night, I did get to venture out at least twice.  First was on Sunday when five of us hit the British Premier League “Football” game between Arsenal and Chelsea.  It was a hoot and a good time was had by all of us at the game.


Doesn’t this look like the walk into any NFL or MLB stadium?  Just our small group and 70,000 of our closest friends!IMG_0590

Once we’re inside we grab a beer, had to drink it in the bar as you can’t drink at your seats?  We were told that they restrict drinking to keep the fights down – oh my…


Watering the Field Before the Game



The start of the game was really different.  First, they watered the field.  Any idea why they would do that?  Next the teams came out to much fanfare and chanting and singing by the fans.  No idea what was being chanted or sung but it was entertaining.  Finally, the game started with half the fans on their feet screaming and chanting.


Chelsea in Blue


Save by Chelsea


According to the soccer experts with me, the game was decided in the 18th minute when Arsenal received a red card for a take down.  For the next 70 minutes, they played a man down!  Wow, that’s a real penalty.

Overall I had a great time.  It was quite the experience and really rivaled any professional sports game I’ve been to in the US.  It reminded me of the old Redskins Cowboys rivalries when both teams were at their peak.  Lot’s of fun.

The other aspect of the trip that was fun was walking around London for a couple of hours.  Greg is a kindred spirit and working with me on the project, we had a great time exploring – particularly exploring the pubs!


Nell Gwynne Tavern



We left the hotel on Tuesday, in a steady rain and walked to Trafalgar Square.  That got old fast so we headed to a pub the concierge of the hotel told me about called Nell Gwynne.  The tavern originally opened in the 1600’s and has remained in business ever since – I think that’s a wives tale but ok.  Regardless, it was a really cool place and good stop for a pint!


The hotel we stayed at is also pretty cool – The Savoy.  It’s right on the Strand and only a 15 minute walk to the office.  Really nice and classy place to stay.


Savoy Lobby



Hallway to High Tea

Overall it was a good trip – even the business parts were good!

I got back home on Wednesday and Ben and his girlfriend Ashley came on Thursday.  More stories from our weekend coming soon – hopefully the weather will get a bit nicer for them.


Ben & Ashley

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Ocean Fishing

Saturday was an unbelievable day in Palm Beach.  The wind and the rain from Friday were gone, the 7 to 9 foot waves in the ocean were reduced to glass and the temperatures rose to the mid 70’s.  Another storm was due to come in Saturday night, but Saturday was crystal blue skies capping a perfect Florida day.

What was really unbelievable was the fact that we took Comocean out and fished from her!  Yes, it happened, hell froze over.  Either that, or we are quickly adapting to our new boat and our new FLA lifestyle.  Now if we only knew what we were doing…

We left the dock around 12:30 armed with Subway sandwiches, some ice, a few waters and 3 fishing rods.  We had our troweling rod from our last Miami to Annapolis trip on the sailboat.  We also had 2 rods brought by our friend Steve who is the chair of the fishing club here at home.  Jim also joined us on the trip.  A new experience for all.


Steve Setting up the Rods


First Trigger Fish


Jim with Fish On


Singer Island

Steve is a very experienced fisherman and was a wonderful teacher.  He brought two spinning rods he uses in the ponds of our community to catch bass.  We had Sardines and BallyHo for bait and we were ready to conquer the depths and bring home the fish.  At least that was the plan.  Jim also has experience fishing and belongs to the fishing club.  He was much better at it than Phyll and me.

Being our first endeavor at fishing, we were not quite prepared.  We need more equipment, some stronger rods etc.  But we had a great time.  Over all we caught 5 fish with Jim being the champion bringing in 3.  Phyll and I each caught one, which was great.  Steve directed traffic and helped with all the rods and bait and everything else.  We released all the fish we caught, they weren’t really big enough.



Another Trigger


Phyll’s Trigger

We headed out the Lake Worth inlet and went about 3 miles off shore.  We started with trolling until we got into about 300 feet of water.  We then turned to where the depths rose to 90 feet and did bottom fishing.

Current was strong moving the boat north at about 3 knots.  We started near the Breakers and ended up at the North end of Singer Island.  Weather was perfect and there was almost no waves.

Needless to say, we all had fun.



Phyll Fighting Her Fish

After our first day fishing on the boat we decided it was a lot of fun and something we could really enjoy.  It’s wonderful being on the water.  The area is filled with fish, we just need to learn how to catch them.  The boat is setup perfectly for 4 people fishing, so going out with 6 is probably perfect.  Basically, it will be a fun thing to do on a regular basis, particularly if we can catch fish we can eat.

That said, we need to get better equipped.  Definitely need to get weights, hooks, leaders, clips etc.  A book on fishing knots would be helpful.  We also need a few more rods that can handle ocean fishing.  The trolling rod is great but hard to use for bottom fishing so that will be the place to start.  Not sure about lures, but we probably need some of those.  And then there is filleting the fish – no idea how to do that, but I’m sure we can learn.

Now all we need are more good weather days and we’ll be set to go!

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